Aparat Ventilatie NI 60

Aparat Ventilatie NI 60

The NI 60 is an intensive care ventilator for adults and children from the age of one year or a body weight of 5 kg. The compact size of the intensive care ventilator ensures the highest performance combined with a minimum need of floor space.

A clear hygiene concept and a visionary detailed solutions support help to safe costs. The heated expiration valve is for daily use in intensive care and ensures precise measured values also when using humidifiers.

The use of disposable flow sensors and other consumables has been consciously rejected. The solid expiration valve can be easily removed in order to sterilize and autoclave it.


Non-invasive ventilation without compromise

  • Triple compensation for measured leakage
  • Approved for mask, helmet, and nasal CPAP therapy
  • Integrated drug nebulizer
  • No compromise in compressed air quality and triggering
  • Sufficient flow reserves for up to 180 L/min

Optional products

  1. Aircon respiratory gas humidifier
  2. NI 60 cart
  3. NI 60 support arm
  4. Drug nebulizer
  5. Nasal CPAP mask strap
  6. Water trap with integrated swirl valve and exchangeable filter unit

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