Aparat Ventilatie Elisa 600

Aparat Ventilatie Elisa 600

Entry to the premium class!

Medical advance, varying patient disease patterns and changing medical focus of the hospitals have impact on the required ventilation modes and diagnostic possibilities.

Elisa 600 enables entry to the premium class of modern ventilators with the highest quality of ventilation and extensive measurements. In the balance between financial investment and possible future developments the elisa 600 is the innovative ventilation platform for now and in the future.


Elisa 600 is an innovative standard breathing ventilator for invasive and non-invasive artificial respiration in the case of all clinical conditions, for all intensive care activities and for patients weighing 3,5 kg and more. A variety of hardware and software options allow for individual configuration to be made according to the requirements at hand, as well as providing for an artificial respiration platform that is assured a good future.

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